August 5, 2020

Why I’m Running

I am running for Governor because I care deeply about the people of Maine, and I love this state. That’s why I’ve devoted much of my life to making Maine a better place and helping people here achieve their dreams.

Maine is at a tipping point. We’re adrift between a past that we cannot return to and a future that we can’t yet see. While some Mainers are doing well in the new economy, many have been left behind. Hopelessness and anger have been rising, and an unproductive divisiveness has overtaken our politics.

Without big and bold changes the situation will get worse. We have only one road forward, and that is to focus on the future, build a new prosperity for all of us, and abandon partisanship in favor of common sense and action.

I believe in the people of this state, and in our great potential to build a brighter future. I’m inspired by the success stories that Mainers are writing all across the state, and I’m optimistic about what we can do together, with effective leadership and a restored sense of civility and unity.

I see a bright future for Maine, where rising hopes and incomes are lifting thousands of families out of poverty, and fewer children are growing up discouraged about the future. I see Maine becoming a magnet for young and energetic people across the country who want to be part of a new and vibrant economy while living in a place like this, where they can raise their families, be close to nature, build businesses and reinvigorate our communities.

To make that happen, we must find new ways to work together, across party lines and geographic regions. The first step is to reject leaders who are motivated by partisan anger and old grudges, and support those who will ask the tough questions, treat everyone with respect and even celebrate our differences.

I’m running as an independent because I believe that partisan politics is getting in our way. Both parties are stuck in old and tired ideas that are choking off innovation and energy. Neither party has a vision or a plan for moving us forward. And neither can unite us.