Caron’s First Financial Report Shows He Has Resources to Compete

2018-01-17T23:15:09+00:00 January 17th, 2018|Press Release|

“I launched this campaign in November because I care deeply about the people of Maine, and I love this state.”

“It’s because of that love for Maine that I am committed to rebuilding our economy from the bottom up so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

“As I’ve worked over the years to help Maine’s economy, I’ve always tried to take the best ideas from people all over the state, regardless of which party the ideas come. As an independent, I am committed to that vision; it’s what Maine deserves.

“As we enter election year when Mainers will pick a new governor to lead us in the years ahead, our campaign is prepared and ready to highlight our message to voters from one end of the state to another. We have the resources to compete and are reporting more than $280,000 in campaign funds. In just a few short weeks since we announced in November, we raised $30,195 and contributed $250,000 in funds of our own as a foundation on which to build a winning campaign for Governor.  We are committed to having the funds to win in November.

“We need big changes here in Maine. W need to focus on the future and build a new economy and a smarter, 21st-century government – that works for all of us. That means creating a more sustainable and resilient economy that builds on our strengths – our innovators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It means projecting a positive, respectful, and optimistic view of Maine – and telling the world that Maine is a great place to grow a family, a business, and a community. It means health care for all, affordable college, and broadband service in every corner of the state.”