August 5, 2020

About Us

I am running for governor because I care deeply about the people of Maine, and I love this state. That’s why I’ve devoted much of my life to making Maine a better place and helping people to achieve their dreams.

Maine is at a tipping point. We’re adrift. Hopelessness is on the rise and anger is getting the best of us. Without big and bold changes the situation will get worse. We only have one way forward and that is to focus on the future, and on building new prosperity in Maine where small businesses, small manufacturers, innovators and startups are our number one priority.

I believe in the people of this state, and in our great potential to build a brighter future. I’m inspired by the success stories that Mainers are writing all across the state, and I’m optimistic about what we can do together, with effective leadership and a restored sense of civility and unity.